If you paint the Mona Lisa’s face green can you call it an original?

Painting a red car blue doesn’t mean you now drive a custom-made vehicle. Anymore than adding rhinestones to a sun dress makes it haute couture. True custom design is more than just changing a colour or adding a bit of tat to an existing design. True custom design is about creating something as unique and individual as you are. It’s an organic process that starts with a kernel of imagination and ends with the flowering of a masterpiece.

At Artistic Flooring we don’t tweak a library stock design and call it custom. We work with you to create a design found no where else in the world. If you have your own design in mind – we’ll turn it into your new carpet.  And if you’re stuck at a creative road block, our experienced designers will work with you to create a unique design that reflects your artistic vision.

At Artistic Flooring we love what we do, so for us it’s easy. And we can make it easy for you too. Custom designed carpet doesn’t have to hard or prohibitively expense – not when you’re dealing with people who’ve been doing it as long as we have. It also doesn’t have to be a long process – we can turn around a custom design project in as little as 8 weeks – from first meeting to delivery of the finished product.

And if you need that extra something to help you impress a potential client, we’ll work with you to win them over.

Contact David Williams at Artistic Flooring to discuss what you have in mind for your next design project and discover how quick, easy, and rewarding true custom designed carpet can be.