Designer carpets headed for home

While it’s not our usual bread-and-butter, when we received the call to design custom Axminster carpet for a private home we thought, why not? We specialise in high quality carpet for the hospitality sector – why wouldn’t someone want that kind of 5-star luxury in their own home?

Emma Graham from Carpet One, Logan City, was the person at the other end of the phone enquiring on behalf of her client.

“The client has a lovely home which unfortunately received some damage due to flooding,” Emma said, “They wanted a specific design for their carpet, which we couldn’t get, so I immediately got on the phone to Warren and the team at Artistic Flooring. I knew they’d be able to help.”

Our designer Stacey Stojcevski from S. Ellen Design visited the home with Emma and discussed with the client the look they were after.

“The brief was to design a carpet that would work throughout the entire house; bedrooms, living areas, the lot,” Stacey said, “I was asked to produce something that would work with the existing fittings, fixtures and wall colours, which provided a challenge as there were a range of colour schemes in play.”

Stacey presented the client with two options as well as room mock-ups, using photos of the home’s interiors, so the client could get a real sense of how the house would look and feel with the new carpet installed.

“The client was very, very happy with the end result,” Emma said, “Stacey is just brilliant at what she does. She really takes the time to understand what they’re trying to achieve.”

While the client was thrilled with Stacey’s work, Emma was equally impressed by how smoothly the project ran in the experienced hands of David and Warren as well as Chris, who managed the carpet installation.

“The boys took control of the project and kept it on course,” Emma said, “It all ran like clock-work and all I had to do was keep the customer up to date and make sure they were happy. They made my job easy.”

Managing Director of Artistic Flooring, David Williams, said the whole team enjoyed working with Carpet One and the client and hoped to do it again in the future.

“It was such a positive experience that we’ve made the decision to launch ourselves into the domestic home market,” David said, “It’s a whole new ball game for us, but one we’re looking forward to – we’re always open to new horizons.”