Top 5 tips when renovating clubs and pubs


Got a renovation project coming up? Based on our decades of experience helping to renovate pubs and clubs,following are our top 5 tips:

1.    Base your budget on quality

Quality products will wear better and maintain their aesthetic for longer, ultimately saving you in the long-run. A good renovation should last a club at least 10-15 years. A higher expenditure initially, when amortised over a 15 year period will always be more affordable than using cheaper products that will need to be replaced in 5 years or less.

 2.    Flooring should be a priority

The largest space in any property is the floor so making it stand out counts. Nice décor and furniture will never cover up or make up for tired, worn-out flooring.

 3.    Utilise full-service design experts

Having to manage a range of suppliers can be tiresome and sometimes frustrating, so seek companies that can design and manage the entire renovation process. This will ensure a cohesive look and feel for the property and ensure responsibility sits with one contact you can work closely with.

 4.     Don’t be afraid to get creative  

Playing it safe doesn’t always win, especially when it comes to a dining experience. The atmosphere is highly regarded by customers in selecting where to frequent. The right balance of comfort, style, functionality, and design can go a long way in increased patronage and spend within a venue.

5.    Recommendations are gold

Many people will claim to be renovation and hospitality experts so don’t forget to utilise your networks and ask around about good designers and products. See a club you like, reach out to the manager about who designed the space.