When we were asked to design and supply custom carpeting for Brisbane Racing Club’s 3-year-long refurbishment, our team jumped at the opportunity.

Facilities at the club’s two main racetracks, Eagle Farm and Doomben, were long in need of a makeover and we relished the opportunity to give the club the five star design treatment.

In the words of David Williams, Managing Director of Artistic Flooring: “The Brisbane Racing Club is one of the largest and most prestigious clubs of its kind in the country and we wanted to make sure they looked the part.” 

Artistic Flooring were commissioned to supply custom-designed Axminster carpets for over a dozen public and private rooms at the twin racecourses including the prestigious Moreton Dining Room, the Derby Bar, corporate suites at Doomben, the Kentucky Bar, Hall of Fame and Doomben’s Champion Bar.

Stacey Stojcevski was the lead designer and manager of the project, and personally designed many of the carpets that made it on to the floor.

“The client felt very strongly that they could only use Axminister carpet,” Stacey said, “Their venues experience a huge volume of foot traffic every weekend so their carpets must be very hard-wearing. Only quality Axminster can give you this high durability while still feeling luxurious.”

Stacey said the client was passionate about the refurbishment and wanted carpets that had that heaviness; that feeling of richness and quality, underfoot.

“They insisted on Axminster and they’re now very glad that they did,” Stacey said, “They were blown away by how sharply defined and vibrant the patterns were on the carpet. You can only get that with quality Axminster.”

While the Brisbane Racing Club itself is relatively young, just 8 years old, it was born from the merger of two far older clubs, the Queensland Turf Club (established in the 1860s) and the Brisbane Turf Club (established in the 1930s). The proud history of these two predecessors would greatly inform design direction of the refurbishment.

“Our brief was to keep it classic,” Stacey said, “They’ve been racing at Eagle Farm since 1865, and the course is heritage-listed, so we understood completely their desire to pay homage to the history of place.”

When they pulled up the joinery on the floor of the Derby Bar, workers made a fascinating discovery. The original carpet was still underneath. And thanks to protection afforded by the joinery the carpet still retained its original vibrant colours.

“We were all quite amazed by this – it was like a secret time capsule had been lying under the floor all these years and nobody knew,” Stacey said, “It presented us with an exceptionally rare opportunity to recreate the past.”

A sample of the old carpet under the floorboards was sent to Artistic Flooring with a query as to whether a replica could be made. The answer was a resounding yes.

“Our team studied the colours and patterns of the old carpet and were able to recreate it faithfully using new materials,” David said, “It is beautiful work that is quite special because it has a lot of meaning for the club.”

Respect for heritage would also play a part in many of the other rooms, as illustrated by an opulent and very arresting carpet created for the historical Ascot Bar.

“Drinks are still served from behind the original bar, which is a very striking black and gold,” Stacey said, “We enhanced that original design feature with a carpet pattern of equally striking black and gold. The effect is quite stunning.”

Artistic Flooring’s good relationship with Brisbane Racing Club continues with work recently completed on the Virginia room and other public areas.

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