Our team of highly specialised designers and manufacturers will sit down with you and get to know not just you and your business, but also the aspirations and motivations of your clientele.

We’re passionate about designing and creating magnificent high-end pieces of carpet that deliver fantastic impressions for your desired area.

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The design team will workshop a range of colour palettes, patterns, design-scapes and styles to deliver to you an exclusive carpet design that sets the mood you’re trying to create. It’s not always about coming up with a design that just looks nice on the floor, but one that creates the right feeling for the surrounding atmosphere. That can make all the difference and we’ve seen it time and time again.

All our custom designs are made as Axminster Carpet. The unique combination of high-grade wool and nylon dyed yarn offer unsurpassed luxury, quality and eye catching vibrancy not found in another style of carpet. Our efficient blend between these two materials is what a real wool carpet is all about, leaving all our clients with a custom designer-made carpet that looks brilliant, feels fantastic underfoot and is ready to handle tough foot traffic for countless years on end.

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Custom carpet resources

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