The artisans at Artistic Flooring have been practicing the traditional art of carpet-making since 1979. Using the finest quality New Zealand and British wool, we control every aspect of the carpet manufacturing process – from initial concept design through to spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing the final product.

This uncompromising adherence to quality, at every link in the chain, means you’ll always have peace of mind that the carpet covering your floor will maintain it’s good looks, durability and integrity for many years to come.

We also specialise in high quality carpet tilesand carpet planks along with beautiful, quality, hand-tufted rugs.

Our carpet artisans are always up to date with the latest techniques, materials and technologies in carpet manufacturing, but we never lose sight of the age-old underpinning principles that produce the finest Axminster and Tufted carpets.

We take the time to get to know you, to develop an understanding of your creative vision and deliver floor design that will set you off on the right foot.

With Artistic Flooring we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Warren Richards


With over 45 years experience in the carpet and flooring industry, Warren can remember back to the days when quality was king. It’s an era he wants to recreate at Artistic Flooring.

“We’ve gone back to the days of good old fashioned values, when you didn’t make a product as cheap as you could; you made it as well as you could. We find we don’t have the problems and call backs that our competitors have because we do our research and get it right the first time. Focusing on quality pays off in the long run.”

As a youngster Warren remembers going to work with his Dad who worked in carpet manufacturing – the old fashioned quality kind – and it wasn’t long before he found himself training to be an installer of carpet, vinyl and all kinds of flooring. He understands the industry from the ground up.

“From my days as an installer I really know what quality flooring looks like. Since then I’ve worked in sales, wholesaling, manufacturing and buying. I’ve come to really appreciate and recognise what products will stand the test of time and what won’t.”

David Williams

Managing Director

Artistic Flooring’s Managing Director, David Williams has an enthusiasm for the carpet and flooring industry that shines through from the first moment you meet him.

“The one thing I’ve come to understand is that it doesn’t pay to scrimp on quality. Quality is always going to look good and wear well for much longer than the cheaper alternatives.

And after 25 years in the business there’s not much David hasn’t seen in commercial carpet and flooring.

“Our smaller size means we have the advantage over our competitors; we’re more flexible and can respond quickly to change. It also means we can devote more time getting to know you, the client, and really understand the look and feel you’re trying to achieve. It’s well worth it in the long run. Isn’t it nice to know for the client that they are dealing with the decision makers of the business and hence you can get a straight answer on the spot.”